SunsetKona Kai’s Vacation Smarts
January 12, 2006: There ‘s lots to do in the keys – most of it water oriented. But, for a truly restorative vacation, we believe the best thing to do is . . . nothing! "Nothing" is good. Actually, “nothing” is great! “Nothing” means waking up when you feel like it. “Nothing” means no plans, no cares and no worries. “Nothing” means: should we sunbathe before or after breakfast? “Nothing” means: floating in Kona Kai’s 88 degree pool while gazing at the stars. “Nothing” means: watching the sun set with a glass of wine in your hand. “Nothing” means: relaxing in a hammock between the palms while reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to for the last six months. “Nothing” means. . . .

And, to truly enjoy a “Nothing” vacation, follow these three simple rules:
Rule #1: Upon arrival, put your watch, computer & cellphone in a drawer and forget about them. Take a deep breath and get onto "KEYS time," which can be summarized with the phrase "sooner or later". You will encounter this phase when you ask your waiter when that drink you ordered 15 minutes ago will arrive.
 Rule #2: Place all of that extra clothing that you packed in the drawer on top of your watch. You will only need swim suits and tee shirts.
Rule #3: Try eating at some of our favorite truly casual restaurants which you’ll find on our personal restaurant list and follow the recommendations of Ronnie, Cris, Joe or Tracey.

If you follow these three simple “rules” [and perhaps create some new ones of your own], you will discover just how stress free a Kona Kai vacation really can be.