K O N A   K A I   R E S O R T   &   G A L L E R Y


1. We Conserve Electricity:

•Wherever practical, lighting has been changed to florescent;
•All garden lighting is low voltage on timers rather than sensors so they are not on from dawn to dusk; we are upgrading to lower energy LED bulbs;
•All air-conditioning is kept at +82 degrees until a guest arrives; we have high efficiency dehumidification units and ask guests to keep them at a comfortable 76 degrees: when weather permits, A/C is turned off;
•Appliances are Energy-Star rated;

2. We Conserve Water:we save water

•All toilets, showers, sinks have low flow outlets;
•Landscape watering has been reduced 50% with efficient watering micro-irrigation systems on manual timers;
•Pool water is manually controlled to prevent overusage or overflow; pool water is recycled to water landscaping;
•Laundry is done in energy and water efficient front-load machines which use 50% less water than top loaders and extract more water to lower drying time;
•Unless requested, maid service is done every third morning, thus conserving water on amount of laundry generated;

3. We Conserve Resources & Respect the environment:

•We strive to use environmentally friendly materials and supplies:
•Room soap in post-consumer recycled wrapper, printed with soy inks and made with vegetable oils are phosphate & sulphate free;
•Room amenities in recyclable plastic for guests/staff to recycle;
•Laundry and cleaning materials are phosphate free and all are from environmentally aware manufacturers;
•Liquid hand soap provided so as not to waste bar soap;
•Guests are encouraged to return unused tourist materials to front desk for reuse;
•Kona Kai staff encourages guests to be mindful of our fragile Keys environment suggesting tours and things to do where guests can learn more and conserve more;
•as of 1/1/2009 all confirmations will be solely electronic; we accept .pdf’s rather than faxes; our “brochure” is the size of a business card; all this and more saves on paper;

4. We Recycle

•We encourage recycling by providing a collection point for plastic, glass, aluminum & paper – guests enthusiastically avail themselves of this opportunity and we take the materials to our local recycling center;
•All horticultural waste is removed, mulched and reused;
•Shipping boxes and crates are broken down and recycled;
•We recycle mis-printed office paper as note scrap-paper; we change printer ink cartridges only when they are actually empty and recycle them.